Born and raised in Estonia, Denis Hedone began shooting at the age of eleven. Rifle became one of his best friends for many years and helped him to collect quite a few trophies, successfully performing at shooting competitions around Estonia.

Living in a small country was always making him dream about traveling around the world and one day he finally decided to give it a shot. While discovering beauty of Australia and South East Asia, he had no other choice than continue doing what he does best, but this time his weapon of choice was digital camera.


At first Denis was mainly concentrated on capturing landscape images, but after a while he also developed interest in portrait and people photography.

A self-taught artist, he has no formal photography education, everything he learned so far comes from online video tutorials, books available on internet and constant practice.

Perfectionist by his nature, Denis is also responsible for all the post-processing involved in creating his final images.

Currently he resides in Morocco, but follows his work wherever it takes him.